What is Hatch School of Code all about?

Building the next generation of creators and innovators

We equip children with the skills they need to program their imagination into reality. Our classes focus on inculcating logical and computational thinking, as children learn fundamental programming concepts in a fun and exciting environment.

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CODE: What and Why?

Coding, simply put, is telling a computer what to do and how to do.

Enabling a child to code is giving them the power to build and create something. Be it a website or app, being able to code trains the brain to think sequentially, break down problems into smaller, more manageable chunks and most importantly, solve them. These are skills that will be essential in the future when every industry and sector is dependent on code.

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Enrol in our after-school program!

Our programs are offered in various formats and in multiple locations across different cities. Please choose your city, location and program of choice to learn more.

We offer carefully crafted programs that include handpicked, state of the art resources from across the world, a curriculum that makes learning fun, and classrooms that encourage collaboration. Our classes are small so that each child gets personalized attention. What’s more, all progress can be easily tracked by parents as it is updated at the end of each class, on our Hatch School of Code mobile app.


Enquire about our solutions for educators

We develop and provide customized solutions for schools that suits their specific requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Thus Spoke the Parents

The training program was fun, effective, thought provoking, well structured, well organised, relevant... and the list goes on, in addition to very smart and enthusiastic trainers. My son always looked forward to his sessions at Hatch School and I can see his creativity getting enhanced with logical thinking which will help set the foundation for his future endeavours :)

- Hridesh Kohli

Hatch is a bunch of enthusiasts who make coding entertaining and enjoyable for kids

- Kavitha Divakar

Hatch school of Code makes coding simple and fun for kids.

- Shefalii Dadabhoy