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Why Code ?

In a world where everything is going to be automated, coding is a necessity

We are rapidly moving towards a world where everything is automated, and in this world, being able to code will be as basic a requirement as knowing a second language is today-While you may definitely be able to communicate without it, you have an edge with it.

Today, iPads and tablets are omnipresent in a child’s toy collections and a countless number of hours are spent pouring over the device on a daily basis. Let’s flip that mode, and move the child away from being a consumer of technology. Let’s help them make something!

Enable your child to become a creator through learning Code!

Benefits of Code

Develop Problem Solving and Logical Thinking abilities

Learning code equips children to solve problems by taking on a systematic approach and breaking them down into smaller, more approachable pieces.

Be anything you want to be

Coding changes the way children think about and behave with technology. It allows them to feel empowered and create something of their own, which in turn boosts their self confidence.

Younger is better

Children pick up new things significantly fast and that is why we believe that the younger the child is introduced to code, the more easily they will take to it.

Application of coding

Learning code is known to yield benefits beyond computer science. It pushes children to stretch their minds, and solve problems, the effect of which often translates to success in maths and science as well.

What do Facebook, Instagram, Swiggy, Ola etc have in common?

They were all developed using Code! How dependent are you on apps that let you review your account, pay bills and shop? This is just a small example of how much of a role code has played in the lives we lead today

Bill Gates
Chairman, Microsoft

"Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains."

Susan Wojcicki
CEO, Youtube

"Learning to code makes kids feel empowered, creative, and confident. If we want our young women to retain these traits into adulthood, a great option is to expose them to computer programming in their youth."

John Hennessy
President, Stanford

" Learning to program is exciting it's stimulating, fun, develops new ways of thinking, and in a very short time you can build programs that will impress your friends and family! Discovering the joy of programming was the spark that started my professional life and impressed the teenage beauty who, 40 years later, is still the love of my life!."