Coding Programs for Kids

Hatch school of code’s programs are designed to keep children engaged and entertained while they learn the fundamental concepts of computer programming.

Each child is at different levels of technological awareness when they begin their journey with us; We assess and assign them to programs depending on their knowledge level, and ensure that they find the coursework challenging yet fun. We have well defined objectives for the children that they have to accomplish in each class to move forward as well as fixed objectives for every program, making it easy for us as well as parents to track progress.

While learning code is the primary objective at HSC, we want our children to enjoy the process and remain excited throughout, which is why our classes are unlike regular classrooms. We have tons of interaction, collaboration, chatter and FUN in every single class.

Individual attention

Class sizes are limited to ensure that a student to teacher ratio of 6:1 maintained. This way, each child can be personally tended to and given the attention they need.

Hands-on learning

Classes include ‘lesson time’ and ‘robot time’ so that children are able to get a hands on experience of what they are working on and how it can be utilized.

Creativity, collaboration and fun

Classes are designed to make children think beyond their usual patterns, broaden their mind and teach one another as they go along.

Our Courses

Our courses have been developed based on skills and proficiency in coding rather than age. We have twelve year old kids who start coding for the very first time using our introduction program and at the same time, we have 7 year old who has launched a website!


Coming Soon!

Programs and Locations for Bangalore will be updated shortly.

Coming Soon!

Programs and Locations for Hyderabad will be updated shortly.