About Hatch School

A little bit about how we started.

Innovation happens in the West while the back office, grit work is carried out mostly Asia. Why? Because our imagination is always contained rather than given a free reign. HSC hopes to change that one child at a time. We want to help build the next generation of creators and innovators by supplying them with the required tools and limiting them with nothing except their own imagination and creativity.

It all started when we were hiring for our app develoemnt company (i.e. HSC's parent company, Hatch) and came to the shocking realization that computer science graduates in India don't learn to code but they slog it out in their own time (passionate ones, that is) tp keep figuring it out and learning on the way. THis was our first big cue-the education system in India is lacking and backward on this front. Programming or coding is not given the degree of importance it deserves today. We at HSC are doing what we can, at the lowest level of education to inculcate learning, creativity and coding into young mindsets.

There is no such thing as starting too early. The youngest app developer is currently is a 9 year old girl and has created THREE apps!

"Making tomorrow's creators believe that everything is possible."

Our Mission

Enable young minds to develop problem solving and logical thinking abilities through the medium of coding in a fun environment and make them believe anything is possible.

Our Vision

To build the next generation of innovators and creators who generate positive impact on society.