Hatch School Core Program

Our programs are built to appeal to young minds. Our objective is to help children understand the logic behind programming concepts such as loops, conditional statements which will help them think in a more logical way as well as set the foundation for them to learn a programming language in the future.

Like learning any new language, programming too requires hard work, structure, guidance and continuous learning that is what we at Hatch School of Code are here to provide. We have devised age and level appropriate programs that run through the acadaemic year. The programs will equip students with a solid foundation for computational thinking and problem solving skills.

We want our Hatchers to enjoy the process of learning and incite them to want to learn. Our classes are unlike any standard classroom. We have tons of interaction, competitions, collaboration and oodles of fun thrown into every class.

Individual attention

Individual attention and customized programs. Small classes(6-8 students) to ensure each child is able to learn at their own pace and can be given the personal attention they require.

Hands-on learning

Hands-on application, logic and experimentation. Alternating between lesson time and hardware time so that children are able to get a hands on experience of what they are working on and how it can be utilized.

Collaboration, creation and fun

Collaborative, creative learning and fun. The tools and lessons are designed to make the children think beyond their usual patterns and help them broaden their mind and get as creative as they like.

Our Courses

Early Hatcher

(Coding 100 for ages 4-6)

A beginners course for young tot to start getting familiar with tech and the logic that goes behind it at an early stage and in a positive manner.

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Beginners Coding

(Coding 101 for ages 7-9)

An introductory course taking students through fundamental concepts of programming, including logical thinking and problem solving, giving them hands-on taste of developing their own programs as well as introducing them to different kinds programmable hardware sourced from across the world.

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Coding continued

(Coding 102 for ages 8-11)

A coding course for the technologically aware mind that helps them move to the next level of their coding journey. The course covers computer science concepts, helps build creativity and problem solving, logical thinking skills and steers students towards creating something of their own.

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