What is Hatch School of Code all about?

Building the next generation of creators and innovators.

We want to equip children with all the required skills to program their dreams and imagination into reality. We don’t believe there is any such thing as too young, our classes start as young as 4-5 years and go up to ages of 11 currently. Our main focus across all our programs is inculcating logical, computational thinking and programming concepts.

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CODE: What and Why?

Coding or programing in simple terms is telling a computer what to do and how to do.

Enabling a child to start doing this is giving them the power to go beyond playing on their ipads to being able to make apps for others to use, to solve problems and to be ready for a future where every industry and every sector will be dependent on code.

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What we offer?

At Hatch School of Code, we like to start them off early. We have designed educative, interactive and fun programs for young minds of all ages.

Early Hatcher

(Coding 100 for ages 4-6)

A beginners course for young tot to start getting familiar with tech and the logic that goes behind it at an early stage and in a positive manner.

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Beginners Coding

(Coding 101 for ages 7-9)

An introductory course taking students through fundamental concepts of programming, including logical thinking and problem solving, giving them hands-on taste of developing their own programs as well as introducing them to different kinds programmable hardware sourced from across the world.

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Coding continued

(Coding 102 for ages 8-11)

A coding course for the technologically aware mind that helps them move to the next level of their coding journey. The course covers computer science concepts, helps build creativity and problem solving, logical thinking skills and steers students towards creating something of their own.

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Inspiring Curiosity to Code via Gamification

Try our sample code games to understand it better

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Innovation happens in the West while the back office, grit work is carried out mostly in Asia.

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Thus Spoke the Parents

The training program was fun, effective, thought provoking, well structured, well organised, relevant... and the list goes on, in addition to very smart and enthusiastic trainers. My son always looked forward to his sessions at Hatch School and I can see his creativity getting enhanced with logical thinking which will help set the foundation for his future endeavours :)

- Hridesh Kohli

Hatch is a bunch of enthusiasts who make coding entertaining and enjoyable for kids

- Kavitha Divakar

Hatch school of Code makes coding simple and fun for kids.

- Shefalii Dadabhoy